Rezervoir Doggs

Rezervoir Doggs

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Porno Parody of Quentin Tarantino’s Cult Classic Resevoir Dogs
Six perfect strangers are set to pull of the perfect crime. There is just one small problem – a monster double cross. Who is the rat? That’s the question must be solved and time is running out. Rezervoir Doggs is an American crime drama parody told through the eyes of a woman.

“When the director called me and asked me to play Mr. Orange I didn’t really want to. I was very tempted to call him and ask to play the part of Mr. Pink because he is my favorite character in the movie, but then he later told me that he wasn’t sure what other girl was crazy enough to play the Mr. Orange part and I decided to take the challenge. It was a challenge because I had to be dying the entire time and that’s not easy to do because it’s very dramatic and not the most glamourous role and that’s why I actually wanted to eventually do it. I was a little excited to show that I don’t have to be stunning all the time and it was something completely different that not many adult actors get to do. Although I was laying in sticky red corn syrup for three days straight I had a good time and the critics seem to like it. The sex in this movie was cleverly placed. They were mostly flashbacks and mine took place in a gym. After a sweaty gym session I had to have a sweaty sex session.” -Chanel Preston on her experience in Rezervoir Doggs from Exquisite

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